Word Play Picture

This play on words only works in Finnish, but hope you get the idea from the translation regardless.

This is based on a real conversation with my older sister. It's true, being pregnant turns the brain into inconsistent mush.
Makes more sense in Finnish.
Pressure sensitivity wasn't working on Photoshop, but I cared no. Scrapped laterz.

1 panel.
Sister: It's so nice when blossoms grow on these..

2 panel.
Sister: What are they, lilac[syreeni] or siren[sireeni]?

2½ panel.
Karo: Lilac, stupid. Siren's the one that goes Wee-Oo Wee-Oo on the roof of a fire truck.

3 panel.
Sister: No, that's a syren! [classic mythology]

5 panel.
Karo: What? D|

6 panel.
Sister: I thought you're talking about syrens. D:

Obviously, a syren's seductive song goes like Wee-Oo wee-oo, I thoroughly agree.

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