Erlkonig Picture

My participation to *Ariall’s Secret Santa. My victim was ~Norehnka...
(Just in case, here are Secret Santa rules : each participant does a wish list- about drawing in our case, then the organizer - Ariall - attributes to everyone another one participant to which you have to give a little something – yeah, a drawing, you got it.

I guess I should explain what an (the?) Erklkönig is, since they are (he is?) not that famous... According to Goethe, the « Alder King » haunts German forests where he abducts (more like “kills”) children after promising them plenty of good things...

Here is my interpretation… maybe not the best one, but it was done somewhat spontaneously (no sketch), almost one-shot and… being quite tired, which could explain being delirious: since the creature was a German ghost which acts as a paedophile antique siren, I quickly thought of Christopher Walken, probably because of my recent watch of “Sleepy Hollow” (for the «German ghost» thingy), and simply because he makes a paedophile bad lying creature impression, while noble looking in the same time. Since Goethe describes him quite summarily (he has hair (!!!), a crown and could be somewhat fog-like), I started that kind of «Bram Stoker's Dracula - a Francis Ford Coppola film-esque» scene (I can’t wait to see that kewl world in a dictionary
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