SirenDevimon Picture

Name: SirenDevimon
Level: Xros
Attribute: Virus
Type: Deep Savers, Dark Area
Digivolves From: LadyMarineDevimon + Sirenmon
Xros Digivolutions:
SirenDevimon + DemiDevimons + Devimons + IceDevimons + LadyScorpiomon + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon = SirenDevimon Icy Ruthless Poison Lotus Mode
SirenDevimon + DemiDevimons + Devimons + IceDevimons + Medusamon + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon = SirenDevimon Poison Ice Snake Lotus Mode
SirenDevimon + Leviamon + LadyScorpiomon + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon = EnvySirenDevimon Ruthless Poison Lotus Mode
SirenDevimon + LadyScorpiomon + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon = ScorpioSirenDevimon Poison Lotus Mode
1st Form:
Siren Kiss: To lure her opponent with her kiss.
Siren Potion: After doing her Siren Kiss, she drinks her potion to her opponent to confuse her opponent.
Sea Song: Lures her opponent to death.
Evil Storm: Transforms back to her monster form and drowns it's opponents.
Water Mist: After doing her Evil Storm, she changes to her 1st form again to bewitched someone with her mist.
Bewitching Mist: To lure her opponents with her bewitching poison mist.
Sleeping Kiss: Sprays a sleep-inducing mist while kissing her opponent.
Siren Change: Transforms back to her 2nd form.
2nd Form:
Grisly Acid: Manipulates a countless acid from its mouth, and poisons her opponent.
Poison Tentacles
Poison Deluge: Attacks her claw charged with poison.
Grisly Storm: Manipulates a countless sleep-inducing toxic mist from its mouth.
Crimson Fascination: Enthralls an opponent and drains her opponent's life.
Bloody Shoot: Shoots bloody toxins.
Evil Ruin: Shoots toxins at her opponent.
Poison Strangle
Name Derivation: Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured young men to their deaths at sea with beautiful songs. English, Devil.
Tamer - Rei Tuver

SirenDevimon is a Xros form of LadyMarineDevimon and Sirenmon. Its attack called Siren Kiss, lures her opponent with her kisses. When in Siren Form, she lures the enemy with her good looks. She seduces her opponent and transforms back to her monster form to bite her opponent.

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