MCA: Jezabelle Picture

Name: Jezabelle
Age: approx. 20, exact age is unknown
Gender: female
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115 lbs
Orientation: Unknown, no sexual experience, leans towards strait
Dorm: Pearl
Siren Song: variation of Beacon Emission; The user is capable of emitting astonishingly beautiful and enchanting sound that is capable of summoning/luring anyone who hears it to come towards the singer.
Jeza has an exceptional singing voice, and her songs are capable of drawing others in, though the 'calls' are easily dismissed (examples: listener is distracted, focused on something else, doesn't listen long enough, not willing to go towards the source, etc). Only works within normal hearing range. She cannot direct it towards specific people, turn 'on' or 'off' the lure, or control others with it. Blue souls gravitate towards the sound of her voice.
Serenity Inducement: the power to induce feelings of tranquility in others, allowing one to keep others calm and peaceful
Jeza's music is soothing and radiates serenity. Those who stay to listen feel more relaxed and calm. She is only able to stir these responses with her voice and with her harp playing. The listener must be willing to let the music soothe them, it does not effect them otherwise. She cannot control it or others with this ability.
Light-Footed: treading with light and nimble ease.
Because she is so easily frightened, Jeza is rather quiet and quick, making her either really difficult or really fun to chase. To put it simply: she's really good at running away from stuff.

Personality: gentle//quiet//shy//easily frightened//sweet
Jezabelle is conflicted with her identity. She is gentle, kind, shy, and quiet at heart. She is very un-confrontational, but can get snappy if pushed too far. She is fragile and very easily frightened, unable to unlearn the "demons are scary!" she was taught growing up. She's not very strong, and not particularly bright. Over all, she's a rather mild girl, for a demon.

History: Jezabelle's past involving her parents is unknown. She was entrusted to a monastery and was raised by priestesses/nuns (women who devote their life to spirituality) from infancy. The nuns knew that Jezebel was a demon, but thought that her light coloring (besides her dark horns and tail) was a sign that she was pure of heart and soul, and that the nuns had a duty to raise this evil being to be gentle and kind. Jezabelle's tail was cosmetically removed, and her horns filed down to almost nothing.
Jezebelle was raised to believe she was angelic; clearly not human, but light and delicate, almost holy. She was spoiled, allowed to run about and play as the nuns worked. She was raised sheltered from the world, restricted to the gardens and grounds of the monastery.
Jezabelle's hair was usually washed and brushed by the nuns, to keep her from discovering her filed down horns, which had become harder and harder to shave away. One evening the young demoness discovered them. The nuns told her of her origins and Jezabelle is devastated. The nuns explained that she had been delivered to the monastery so she could be raised as the true angel she is. Jezabelle finds this reasoning her salvation, pleased to feel that she is unique and special.
Jezabelle continued to stay at the monastery after her identity is found. As she's grown up she has had little interaction with men, knowing only priests. One of the only priests in the monastery thinks she is an impure, evil abomination, despite her good intentions. He tries to catch her off guard to prove her devilish nature cannot be erased. He does this by being cruel to her, testing her patience and gentle heart. One night he claimed that Jezabelle was a succubus and witch, putting a spell over him to make him mad. He attacks her in an attempt to bring out her demonic nature. Terrified, she accidentally kills the priest in her defense when she pushes him down a flight of stairs. Though Jezabelle felt just in her actions because of the priest's foul intentions, she was still frightened over what she has done. The nuns rushed in and are in shock and fear. As orange orb rises for the body of the priest he nuns fall to their knees, praying it goes to the heavens above. Jezabelle stepped forward, grabbed the orb, and claims "He does not deserve heaven" before she devoured it.
After that, Jezabelle leaves the monastery to wander the Other World, trying to hold onto what she was raised to believe she is, but now must attempt to embrace the demonic side of her she must live with. She joined MCA to find sanctuary, but often times finds trouble instead...

Additional Info:
Likes: fairy tales, soft rainy days, white flowers, baths, being pampered, having her hair combed, lace
Dislikes: classes, clutter, other demons, sunlight (gives her a terrible headache), pants/jeans, bitter souls

*she doesn't wear black or dark colors ever
*she paints her horns light blue, layering a buffer color under it, to symbolize innocence despite her being a demon
*she is terrified of other demons, and will run and hide if singled out
*she does not eat souls, it makes her feel sick to her stomach
*she has never eaten a pure soul and refuses to, she will snatch them away from demons and toss them up towards heaven.
*she has trouble sleeping sometimes
*her horns are very sensitive: hitting them will hurt her lots, and gentle touches will arouse her (good thing they're blue so others don't touch!)

Classes: Dance, Stealth, Astrology/Mythology
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