Fishman Family Picture

I thought up these characters while a couple of friends and I were discussing who could/should be the next (final?) crew member of the straw hat pirates. They definitely need a gyojin and I thought some sort of character whose "tragic" past was centered around human/fishman mutual hatred would make a good addition. After I thought up the main character (his name is Clam though he's an oyster type fishman), the other characters kind of drew themselves.

crew candidate: half oyster type fishman, half human - Clam
crew candidate (optional): angler fish type siren - Ren
*i suspect "sirens" will be introduced in one piece in the near future, but before that I had the idea that sirens could be a tribe half animal, half humanoid songstresses in one piece world. in mythology they were sometimes seen as half human, half bird, and sometimes half human, half fish. so it's really a coincidence that Ren looks like a mermaid.*
Clam's mother: nautilus type fishwoman - Natali
Clam's father: treasure hunter - King
Clam's grandfather: cuttlefish type fishman - Nicholas
*he's not male mermaid (merman?) he just happens to have no legs because he is a cuttle fish*
Charismatic leader of Nicholas' heard of yagara bulls: Rudy

I realize Clam has some of the "mary sue" tendencies that often come with fan characters but I like to think being "half A and half B" is directly a part of where he would fit into the story in this case.

I've written various gags and combat data which I will post at some point.
Here's hoping the characters appeal to others beyond myself
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