Mythical Orpheo Picture

Download and save, and then check it on various background <3

It looks best on Photoshop's grey and grey checkered background X3

Orphée, Silver Saint of Lyra, as Both a Siren/Merman and a Ikiryō.

[link] Thar be Ikiryō.

''Souls are also believed to leave a living body when the body is extremely sick or comatose; such ikiryō are not malevolent.''
This quote explains why I drew it. Its kindof a pun, like, Orphée is dieing of Love for Euridyce, who's died and been failed to etrieve from the dead.

My entry to the SaintSeiyaClaim month activity ''Claim With/As A Mythical Creature Activity''

He is, tecnically, both with and being a mythological creature, lol.

The japanese traditional pictures of ghosts don't have legs, thats why I faded the spirit Orphée out XD

Oh, and some on, Mermaid + Orphée = WIN.
I was gonna draw him as a harpy siren, but then I thought it better this way, he's much cuter XD

<3 Orphée
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