Sailor Sedna fuku Picture

Here is a follow up to a contest entry I did...I decided what is a princess without a senshi form and outfit. SO I put pencil to paper and she is. Since Sedna is a massive girlie girl I designed a fitting fuku. Decked in pearls, pearly ice crystals, flowing ribbons and bows here is the Senshi of the Sub-zero realm....Goddess of the frozen seas....Sailor Sedna.


NAME: Satsuma Arnaa
NICKNAME: Satsu (but by only those she lets get close to her), Nerrivik (a name she gives you when she doesn't want you to know her at all)
NAME MEANINGS: Mother of the Deep, Sea-mother.
BIRTHDAY: 6th January
AGE: 15 years old
SUN SIGN: Aquarius
EYES: Glacier blue
HAIR: Deep Marine blue on top that fades to glacier blue then to silver.
SKIN: Pale with hints of blue.
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 119 lbs
BUILD: Slim with elegant features
FAVOURITE GEMSTONE: Aquamarine, and colored pearls.
MARITAL STATUS: Single since her past marriage was a sham.
PERSONALITY: She is very feminine, and elegant. She moves gracefully as if floating, she is also silent and keeps to herself mostly. It makes her seem icy, or snobbish.
LIKES: Sparkly costume jewelry, and the cold weather. She also likes to read.
DISLIKES: Loud people, being touched forcefully, and hot weather. She also loathes sports of all kinds.
FAVORITE SUBJECT: Advance Placement Biology, History, Mythology, and Study Hall
POSITIVES: Satsu is strong despite her disability and she is very smart. You can't fool her easily, and she is very logical. She is also very polite and lady-like. She also has a magnificent singing voice.
HAS TROUBLE WITH: Since she has had no real friends she doesn't know how to communicate on a friend level.
DREAM: To remember her past and perhaps find love.
THE PRESENT: Satsu is a new student with a jaded past and even bigger secret. No one wants to be friends with her because she is seen as a snob because she is quiet and smart. She also has no memory of her past. She wears long sleeves that go past her wrists. She dresses very feminine but she is not vain.
HER SECRET(What brings her to the senshi's attention out of school): When she was blasted by the evil agent she absorbed some of his powers when she partially awoke to her powers. It tainted her ; creating an alter persona. The negative energy takes control of her at night driving her to to perform a horrible act. Like a spectre in the dark she haunts the streets at night luring and hurting people and taking their hands as her own; of course it doesn't last for very long she she has to get new hands. In the papers she has been called the 'Siren' because of the lovely singing that is heard at night.


SAILOR NAME: Sailor Sedna.
ELEMENT: Icy Ocean, arctic marine animals.
COLORS: Glacier blue, silver, and white.
TRANSFORMATION ITEM: A Glacier blue pearl on a chain made of unmelting ice.
SYMBOL: A glacier blue pearl.
WEAPON: A Spear.
The pretty and enigmatic daughter of the mighty king of the moon Sedna. She angered her Father, when she refused to marry the many suitors her Father King Anguta found. She wanted to find her own love; true love, but her Father wouldn't listen he wanted heirs. Satsuma gave no reason, or at least no reason that would satisfy her frustrated Father.
One day an enigmatic stranger came to the kingdom asking for the Princess's hand in marriage. At first he was denied, but then King Anguta used trickery to pull at his kind daughters heartstrings. He lied; saying that he was not long for this life, and his only wish would be to see his little girl married and with family. Satsu who was very much a princess and wanted to please her Father and do what was best for her people finally agreed.
The suitor though was an evil agent who just wanted the power of the Kingdom. Once the wedding had completed he whisked the Princess away; locking her up and treating her badly. He held her hostage, but the King refused to simply hand over the powers of the kingdom to this villain. In secret the king was organizing a rescue mission with his court of soldiers.
Weakened from starvation, and trapped in a floating ice prison on Earth. Satsu tried to free herself but she was too injured. Anguta launched a rescue when the Evil agent was gone. When Satsu was being returned to his royal barge the evil general returned and attacked the ships. The royal barge was hit and when it shifted Satsu was cast over the side, she clung to the ship with all her might. The evil entity knowing that it would never succeed in gaining the powers he needed decided just to kill the Royals of Sedna. With one sweep of his hand; the barges and all the ships were torn apart by dark powers. The royal barge was the last; and it exploded killing the king and the whole court. Satsu though was spared when she awoke the power that had truly always been inside her. Unbeknownst to the evil agent the Princess of Sedna was alive; she had lost her hands and was currently sinking to the bottom of the icy sea. The evil agent took her hands as a trophy and memento of his badness.
She will wake up to her past, her love, and senshi powers once her hands are found and returned to her.

Picture made with pencil, sharpie, and prisma pencils.
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