Mirari Omicro Picture

Meet my fantroll.

She is a sea-dweller, if you hadn’t already guessed. Her Hive is half-submerged. Her lusus, Kethiopios, is sea-serpent like, very large. She has a natural vocal hypnosis (similar to a siren from Greek mythology) that she uses to lure trolls to her hive (it’s strongest on lower blooded trolls) where she ties them up on a large rock for her lusus to eat. The troll is fully aware of what is happening but cannot do anything against it.

Strife Specibus is Harpoonkind and her Modus is like a game of marbles. She has the larger marble that she has to use to knock the item from the circle to get it. Sometimes she misses and gets the wrong item.

Homestuck (c) Hussie
Mirari (c) Me
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