Aika Concept Picture

Current assignment in 3D class is to come up with 3 characters, and in the end one will be picked to make out of Sculpy and to build their environment. Here is the first.

Aika (Love Song) is a siren based on Japanese Koi rather than a creature of the sea. Her role is to protect a sacred koi pond located in a forbidden forest and tend to the koi that live in it. The pond is rumored to have great treasures, and many men wander through the forest to try and find it. If they’re lucky enough, they will see the pond, but Aika will appear before them. Sirens typically are used to lure sailors with their songs and then drown them. She drowns anyone who threatens the koi pond and uses the drowned corpse to feed the koi. She collects her favorite skulls by her rock. The rest sit at the bottom of the pond.

3D. Freshman Year. 2nd Semester.
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