Old: Le Petite Aqua Fille Picture

Selkie (mythologically-speaking, basically a were-seal who shapeshift by donning seal-skin -- although my version's a bit different). Acrylic. Not entirely sure when this was done -- I'm thinking somewhen between 1994-7. Did some adjustments with the clone brush in photoshop, too, apparently. Done for an adaptation I had in the works of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Mermaid".

Now, before I get somebody telling me this should be called "Le Petite Sirene" (as someone did back when I had this posted at Elfwood), I chose "Aqua Fille", or "Water Girl", for a reason: namely, sirens are NOT mermaids. I don't care what the french say, sirens are BIRD WOMEN. [link] Besides, selkies are not exactly mermaids either.
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