Vanshee Picture

Theme Song: "Debris" by Ben Prunty - [link]

Vanshees are Fish-like, Eel-Like, Octopus-like aliens that evolved to live on Outer Space. Added some mythology ideas to them (Banshees, Sirens, Ghosts, Sea Serpents) for more uniqueness.
Vanshees feed on Energy from Ships and are capable of an intangible form that they use to control the flow of energy they eat and doubles as their way to break into ships (Going through Doors).
They are usually found on wreckage and ship graveyards, but distress signals and ships with high quantities of energy tend to call them in. Shields keep them out tho, so they are also known to follow pirate ships and assist in their assaults. When found in Debris, you can destroy the remaining ship to get the goodies left, but if it has a big group of vanshees then watch out for their "scream" as it can disable some systems (Usually the sensors)
Having one as a crew member means that you will have a protector in your shields in the same fashion as drones. It can also feed on fires that break in in your ship and are specially effective as intruders on zoltan ships.
They have also something else that works similar to a camouflage power were they can change color to blend in on space or paint themselves to have "Faces". They do the face thing to try and appear friendly to other species, but since they are usually found feeding from debris and destruction (Plus their ability to get inside the ship) they copy the usual response they get: a "Scream" they assume that means "Hello".

About the Pic:
Designed as a concept for the Indie Game "FTL (Faster than Light)"
Upper-left corner. First concept.
Left. Top view of their body stretched out.
Down (Middle-Right). Shown in-game: A Vanshee attacking your Shields while two others are seen on a destroyed ship.
Middle-Up. Side view and probable final design.
Upper-Right Corner. How they use "Camouflage" to make shapes on it's head.

The small tentacles on it's back allow it to grab hold on to things, though it was designed that way as those would play on the ghost-like looks of torn clothing/Phantom tails.
Also, their head reminds me of dolphins from a side view for some reason.
Anyway, enjoy these creepy & Docile creatures c:
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