PMMM OC: Witch Concept Sketches Picture

So yeah, concept sketch for Suzume's witch form, Marthe.

Explanation galore time:
-"suzume" comes from the Japanese word for "sparrow", and so, with a similar color scheme as a sparrow's plumage, Suzume is meant to very much have a bird motif. Marthe is based off a siren, a creature from Greek mythology with a bird's body (or at least legs in some stories) and a woman's face.
-Marthe is a character from Goethe's first Faust, a woman who takes care of Margarete/Gretchen. She feels ignored by her husband who is always overseas and ends up falling for Mephistopheles because of the attention he gives her.
-Sirens were legend to lure men to them (and to their deaths), almost in a similar manner to Suzume's wish attracting or "luring" people. In the same way, Marthe is the Witch of Seduction and as such is capable of luring groups of people (usually happy couples or particularly heartbroken souls) into her barrier.
-Marthe's primary familiars are doves, while her secondary and not as powerful familiars are cupids. Neither are all that particularly powerful, but tend to gang up in large flocks on targets.
-I still haven't decided entirely what her labyrinth should be like...
-Her left wing has long, scraggly feathers that can elongate and act as whips or to restrain an enemy.

...and that's about it? Is there anything else that I should come up with?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica belongs to Shaft, the art and character are my own.
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