Hitomi's Witch, Veronika Picture

This is the first of two Witches meant to represent Hitomi Shizuki. Yeah, you heard me.

Venera represents the idea that Hitomi is just a soulless bitch who "stole" Kamijou from Sayaka XD

Veronika is a Harpy, which parallels Okatvia von Seckendorff

"Judging about Hitomi's success where Sayaka always fails I have an idea that Hitomi would wish for love. Thus hearts are a recurring motif in this witches design. I changed the witch's type from the Harpy to a Siren as an extension of the idea that Hitomi haters blame her from "enchanting" Sayaka away from Kyosuke. As she's based on a Greek creature I decided to use a Greek artsyle here, the style of Greek vases when depicting legends. Her tail is a violin despite her fear of it ironically." -
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