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She searched the battlefield, seeking to find the one she was tasked with returning. The young woman, the beautiful princess, was searching for he who was lost, both in the physical and in his mind. She could sense the emanations of his blood-rage, the lust for blood acting as a beacon. All around her lay bodies; several were black-armored bodies. Teardrop-shaped gems of bright ruby adorned their battle-plate. Upon their shoulders lay twin symbols, the left bearing the mark of a winged drop of blood, a mark of nobility and purity. But the right shoulder bore the mark of death, the mark of the damned. A red diagonal "X", known as a saltire, was painted in their right shoulders. This mark was the one which all cursed brothers carried, the bearers of the Rage and the Thirst.

Aurora felt sympathy and kinship with them. Ever since her love's death and her kingdom's destruction at the hands of a resurrected Maleficent, she was lost. But she was found by the long-lived Sons of Sanguinius. The legendary Blood Angels. They took her in and trained her to fight for the day she would avenge her true love and restore her kingdom. Aurora had felt great hope and strength under the care and leadership of these living angels, but that hope was soon to be dashed, for the Blood Angels carry a great secret, known only to their kind. Like all Blood Angels, Aurora was exposed to the twin curses of the Black Rage and the Red Thirst the moment she drank the blood from the Red Grail, the sacred chalice containing the rich vitae of Sanguinius himself. Meant to strengthen her slender mortal body to near-superhuman levels, it achieved just that, making her stronger, faster, and more powerful than a mortal man. But it also caused her to inherit the Rage and the Thirst, and sadly, they both manifested in her. She soon became nothing more but a blood-crazed monster, driven by the mindless call of the twin banes. And yet, she retained her clarity of thought and awareness, proving once more that the Rage and the Thirst do not claim all they take. For Aurora, it was fortune, for it was her love for Philip and her family that kept the twin curses from completely claiming her in mind, body, and soul. But love alone would not be enough, and thus, she was taken to the Tower of Amareo, the dreaded tower in the Blood Angels fortress-monastery that housed all who were taken by the twin curses. It was there that she met her mentor, a trapped soul who was claimed by the Rage yet also maintained his sense of awareness thanks to his incredible iron will. Lemartes, the Guardian of the Lost, was to become Aurora's teacher and help bring her back from the madness that is the Rage. Under his guidance, she was able to command her curse to such a degree that she is able to control and use both curses to her advantage. For the next few years, Aurora would remain under Lemartes's tutelage, and remain assigned to the dreaded Death Company, that damned force of Blood Angels claimed by the Rage or the Thirst. It is here that all those afflicted by either one of the twin curses go to for the hopes of a final, glorious battle and victory........and the promise of an honorable death in combat. Many succeed, death a welcome release from the madness that is the Black Rage. But there are those unfortunates who survive, and it is these survivors who succumb entirely to the curse within. For these damned brothers, their fate is to be kept within the Tower of Amareo, the Tower of the Lost. Atop the Tower is a secret chamber where those completely overcome by the Black Rage or the Red Thirst are locked away. From the Tower issue their howling cries of bloodlust. No one dares venture near this tower, save for the Chaplains, the great psyker Mephiston........and Aurora, for she has discovered a powerful ability.

Seven years after being cursed by both the Rage and the Thirst, Aurora discovered a great ability. During a battle, she saw one of the Death Company warriors double over in pain, clutching his head in agony. She had seen this many times; it was the final stages of the Rage, the stage where the poor soul would finally lose his sanity and become nothing more but a blood-driven berserker. She drew her sword, ready to end this warrior's life with a mercy killing. But as she approached him, the warrior turned around and grabbed her. In his eyes, she saw the red of anger, of bloodlust, but there was something else........clarity? The warrior let her go, and proceeded to kneel in front of her. She was shocked, for this warrior had clearly been taken over by the Rage and yet here he was, aware and cognizant, able to recognize her. Aurora saw two more warriors double over in pain, seeing the final stages of the Rage initiating. Could it be? she thought, and warily beckoned the first warrior to follow her, which he did. Approaching the other two, who had finally succumbed, she stood in front of them, and the same thing occurred. Both warriors, under the full influence of the Black Rage, were able to recognize her and obey her every command. With these warriors, Aurora was able to turn the tide of the battle. A full investigation later followed, the Chaplains, Sanguinary Priests, and Apothecaries of the Blood Angels seeking answers as to how she was able to control those unfortunates with ease. The answer was finally found; it resulted from her own enslavement to the Black Rage and the Red Thirst, and her feminine beauty.

Because she afflicted with both curses and a much greater level than normal, every warrior of the Death Company was able to feel a strong sense of kinship with her. But the twin banes did more than that. The Black Rage and the Red Thirst had done the impossible: not only had they gifted her with remarkable strength and longevity, they had also enhanced her female beauty a hundredfold. Before her damnation, Aurora was a beautiful woman, with fine blonde hair, piercing violet eyes, and glowing peach skin. But now, she was changed. Her body was more refined and curved than before, a living sculpture of feminine perfection. Her hair now gleamed golden yellow, as if an aura of radiance was chained within her hair. Her eyes were now the fine shade of red, and her facial features were that of a goddess. Her skin now glowed pale white, the very image of a vampire, and yet it shined with an angelic glow. Even her voice was changed, more seductive, mature, and appealing than before. She could even sing more beautifully, and it was discovered that her singing alone could control even the most degenerate of the Death Company, those who had succumbed the furthest to the Rage. Gone was the beautiful mortal princess and in her place stood a living goddess. Even those Blood Angels unaffected by the Rage felt strong emotions of desire and lust, something they had never felt before. The Rage and the Thirst had transformed her beauty and magnified it, essentially turning her into a real-life Siren, that Greek maiden of mythology who could lure any man by her beauty and song. It was this new ability and perfect beauty that caused Lemartes, his superior Astorath, Mephiston, and even the lord commander himself to appoint Aurora with a new role, a new task which could offer even the most damned of the Blood Angels peace and final death.

Thus, it is done. Once there were two roles in the Death Company.

Astorath the Grim is the Redeemer of the Lost, he who the sacred calling to seek out those amongst the Sons of Sanguinius whose souls have been claimed by the terrible genetic Flaw known as the Black Rage, and whose mental degeneration has become so severe that even an honorable death in battle is no longer possible. His quarry found, Astorath ends his lost Battle-Brother's life with a single mighty blow to the neck, the blade of his executioner's axe granting final release to the cursed brother. It also grants him the power to sense the Black Rage's degenerative onset before it becomes apparent to any other soul -- including its victim. No separation of distance can serve to mute this dolorous symphony. Whether the victims are fighting on Armageddon or in Ultramar, Astorath can sense their plight -- and he must go to them as his duty requires. So it is that the Redeemer of the Lost has become a true Angel of Death, and no Blood Angel can ever feel entirely comfortable in Astorath's presence, for they know that the bite of his forbidding axe might one day be the last thing that they feel.

Then there is Lemartes, the only one spared by Astorath because of his iron will and control over the Rage. Though Lemartes himself is afflicted by the accursed Black Rage, his formidable willpower has allowed him to remain in control of his actions, leaving him free to lead the Death Company in glorious charges that eclipse all the deeds of legend. So did Lemartes become the Guardian of the Lost, the warden of the Death Company. He has repaid Astorath's faith a thousand times over, for the Death Company has become a formidable force never before seen under his guidance. He leads his charges to ever-greater renown, ensuring that the dread sacrifices of the warriors of the Death Company are never in vain. It is the task of the Guardian of the Lost to lead the warriors of the Death Company to one final battle and to an honorable death, for if not, then the cursed one will feel the blade of the Redeemer. For Lemartes, there is no longer any calm before the storm, for his life has become one of constant battle.

But now, with Aurora's new-found power, a third role has been created, one that suits Aurora fine.
She is now the Reclaimer of the Lost.

Her new task appoints her with this duty; she must seek out those most affected by the Rage and the Thirst and bring them back from the brink. Aurora is capable of using her siren beauty and her connection to the Rage to give back even the most savage and degenerate of the Death Company some semblance of clarity and awareness. It is her Muse-like voice that allows her to control any one of the Death Company and command him completely. Not even a daemon can resist her siren beauty, her perfect voice. All see her as a second chance, a chance to attain an honorable death rather than face the Redeemer in single combat. Thus it is that Aurora is always seen alongside an ad-hoc honor guard of Death Company warriors, those most affected by the sanity-destroying horror of the Black Rage and the Red Thirst. It is a task she prosecutes with great enthusiasm, for she is the living spirit of redemption for all Blood Angels, including those fallen within the Death Company.

And there it is. The Reclaimer of the Lost is seen as the heavenly angel of redemption and peace, the Redeemer of the Lost as the angel of death, and the Guardian of the Lost as the angel of guidance and father figure to the accursed. Three souls, tasked with the custodianship of the damned.

Her reminiscing over, Aurora finally found he whom she sought. A wounded Blood Angel, clad in the black armor of the Death Company. She saw that he was horrifically injured, yet there was a savage and mindless fire in his now-red eyes. His face was completely bestial in expression, and he mouth was agape, revealing twin rows of razor-sharp teeth and a pair of vampiric fangs. His sanity completely gone, the damned angel turned his bloodthirsty gaze upon Aurora. Without a second thought, he stood and bounded over to her in a heartbeat, intent on gutting her open. But Aurora stood her ground, serene and beautiful in appearance. The charging angel suddenly slowed, restrained by something he could not comprehend. Even in his insanity, he felt kinship How could he, a cursed Blood Angel, feel beauty and desire? And he found the answer in front of him: Aurora, exuding a seductive musk of desire, beauty, and perfection. Her stone-cold expression changed to one of compassion and beauty, so innocent and alluring it was. Try as it might, the strength of the Rage could not overcome the irresistibility of Aurora's siren perfection, so enchanting it was. The beauty won over the rage, and the angel was now at her command. In a seductive yet caring voice, she spoke to him.

"Peace be with you, warrior. Brother Sancrior, listen to my voice. I am here, and I will care for you. I will give you the death you so desire, freeing you from this enslavement of mindless insanity. Obey my every order, and you will die with honor. This I promise you. Now come."

She turned and walked away, a seductive grace occurring with every stride she took. The warrior, Sancrior, could not resist and slowly, clumsily followed her. Aurora led him towards an encampment of Orks that had survived the battle; they were massing for another fight. Aurora stopped and looked behind her; Sancrior was there, the need for violence, bloodlust, and death evident upon his face. He looked down at her, at some primal level asking her this one question: Can I? She smiled and nodded once. "Yes. Go." Without hesitation, the warrior roared and charged down straight towards the surprised Orks. The next two minutes were a whirlwind of blades and spilled blood. Sancrior single-handedly killed over thirty Orks before the severity of his wounds finally overcame him. He had only ten more Orks left to kill, but his strength was gone. The surviving Orks surrounded him, eager glee on their faces as the prospect of an easy kill lay before them.

And then, she came. The Reclaimer of the Lost waded into their midst, her thorn-studded blade slicing through them ease. In less than a minute, all the Orks were dead by Aurora's hand. Her foes dead, Aurora now turned to her objective, the dying Sancrior before her. He was breathing heavily, his physiology trying to stem the bleeding from his multiple wounds. But it was no use. There were too many, and he had lost so much blood. Sancrior's death was assured, and it was to be one of peace, not insanity. She kneeled down, her eyes locking onto his. They were no longer pulsing with insanity, the look of peace and acceptance replacing his rage. His sanity restored for the briefest moment, he spoke two words that filled her heart with joy. "" She nodded, a single tear running down her cheek. "Of course, brother. You fought well. You deserve this death. Rest now. Rest." As he lay dying, Aurora started to sing. It was a hymnal commemorated to him. Her angelic voice rang out across the battlefield, but only Sancrior heard its divine perfection. He felt so happy and honored, his last breath was one of bliss and peace. At long last, the Blood Angel Sancrior was at peace, his duty done. Aurora continued to sing as she felt his soul pass on to the great beyond. She herself was happy, her task completed once more. Rising, she honored his corpse by giving it a blood-red rose, her signature mark. She remained by his corpse until Apothecaries arrived to take it back to their lines. Aurora was content. She, the young princess, cursed bearer of the Rage and the Thirst, and Reclaimer of the Lost, was content.

But she has not forgotten her original purpose. One day, she will avenge her true love and restore her kingdom, and it can only be done with the death of her hated foe. The evil fairy and Champion of Chaos Ascendant, of which only one other bears that title. Maleficent.

Another Blood Angels/Sleeping Beauty mix by yours truly. In this case, Aurora has been claimed by both the Black Rage and the Red Thirst. Assigned to the Death Company, she falls under the tutelage of Lemartes, who teaches her how to control both curses within her not just with love, but with his own iron will. Love and will are the only things right now that keep her under control. Then, she finds this gift granted to her by both curses. The Rage and the Thirst have done the impossible by genetically bonding themselves to her body, making them permanent for her. But they've also further enhanced her flesh, giving her superhuman strength, a greater lifespan.......and irresistible beauty. She is now more beautiful and alluring than ever before, and it is this beauty that can soothe the most savage soul, even the most degenerate of the Death Company can't resist her. She finds she can use her new ability to help those within the Death Company regain some of their sanity and a second chance for an honorable death rather than die at the hands of Astorath. To that end, both Astorath and Lemartes create a new title for her: Reclaimer of the Lost. Under this title, she can command even the most insane Blood Angels with ease, using her beauty and siren voice to give orders to them. Since then, she is now surrounded by the most crazed and insane members of the Death Company during battle. Of course, she hasn't forgotten her original purpose: to kill Maleficent, she who sided with Chaos and killed her love. So here, you see her surrounded by the most savage of the Death Company, Lemartes hidden in the smoke..........and Maleficent watching from above. Enjoy.

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