MGC Stone Parthenon Picture

[link] MGC entry for Nov 2008 challenge of "Stone Sleep"
Disney's Grargoyles turn to stone and "sleep" during the day time

I wanted to do a group of Greek gargoyles that an ancient Grecian may have seen and had been inspired by the sight of these statues to invent some of the creatures that ended up in Greek Mythology.

Short version of my comments:
Creatures this clan inspired are the Sphinx, Gorgon, Manticore, Chimera, Harpy, and Satyr.
(the Chimera is the son of the Manticore and the Satyr)

Long version of my comments:

Like the Guatemalans, I would think there would be both bat-like-wings and feathered wings among the Greek gargoyles, maybe the bat wings are from Minoan gargoyles... Greeks would probably be predominately feathered in the wings...

Sphinx (the greek kind):
on the far right is a relatively normal gargoyle lady whose assumed pose for that day made the onlooker think that maybe she was part lion.

(I threw a psudeo tuff on her tail from a suggestion of Neb's, it's not actually a tuff of hair like a lion's tail, it's a couple of spikes; she's the Manticore's sister.)

Next to the Sphinx is the Gorgon. Now, although the traditional description of this type of "monster" is snakes for hair, but there tends to be a certain style of artwork for ancient Greece that makes Medusa and the other gorgons look like one of those traditional masks from Polynesia.
what I'm talking about; [link] [link] Anyway, the gorgon is actually a male with a breastplate, gotee, curly horns, and dreads.

Next to him is the Manticore. Most modern depictions give manticores lion faces but the wiki description says lion body and human face, oh well. His pose is another one that's just suppose to remind the Greek dude of being lion-like, without the gargoyle guy actually having any lion like characteristics. His key feature is the spikey end on his tail.

Next to the Manticore is the Chimera. The Chimera is the son of the manticore and the Satyr. He's got bat wings and a normal gargoyle tail.

Now, the chimera does have a lion-ish face but that could be a trick of the eye and he's actually got his mom's goat-face, or maybe he has some lion-traits in his's grandparents' traits, so maybe Manticore and his sister Sphinx have some lion-like traits anyway.

I have issues with multi-headed creatures, so whoever saw this clan told someone else about the one that seemed part lion, part goat, and part dragon/snake; and the story was altered after a few tellers that added the extra heads.

Why do I ramble about this stuff? Oh well, I am me and I'm going to continue.

the Harpy (also works for some interpretations of Sirens) has underarm feathered wings and a beak, but not necessarily a bird-gargoyle, just bird-like.

On the other side of Harpy is the Satyr who is actually a goat-gargoyle (I dunno why she has horns, do animal-like gargoyles share every feature? Like boys have horns and girls don't?)
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