Crying Sapphire Picture

Excerpt from my upcoming book THE SECRET MAGICS OF MAINE

Titania, Queen of the Fairies, gave birth to a daughter, a beautiful child with shimmering blue skin and deep blue eyes. The Queen was overjoyed. She named her beautiful child Sapphire, after the prized blue gem that has the same beautiful blue color. The Princess grew up into a very lovely lady. It was decided that, on the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Sapphire would be wed to the Goblin Prince, in order to secure peace between the fairies and the goblins, who had been at war longer than any being could remember.
A few weeks before the wedding was to take place, Sapphire journeyed into the Maine woods, where she met a young farmer. The farmer and the fairy princess fell in love, and on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Sapphire stole out of the fairy palace and eloped with the farmer. When morning came, Titania discovered that her daughter had run off, and she became very angry. She scoured the globe in search of her renegade daughter, and, finally, she found Sapphire asleep, nestled in a field with the farmer. In her rage Titania tore off the lacy collar that trimmed her gown and flung it at the ground. Where it landed, a patch of cursed flowers sprang up.
A short while later, the farmer awoke. He gazed at his beautiful fairy wife and decided to bring her a bouquet of fresh wildflowers. He wandered off into the fields, picking daisies, goldenrod, and lupine. Then he came upon the patch of cursed flowers Titania had created. The farmer, who had never seen such beautiful, tall, white flowers, immediately stooped to pick one for his love. The moment he picked one of the flowers, he fell into a deep sleep.
Soon Sapphire awoke. When she didn’t find her love asleep by her side she became worried. She set off in search of the farmer. When she found him lying in the lacy flowers, unable to be awakened, she began to weep. Titania sprang out of hiding and called out to her daughter, “Come daughter. He shall never arise. Come back to your rightful place in the fairy world!”
When Sapphire heard her mother’s words, her heart broke, and she shattered into thousands of tiny lights, each of which coalesced into a miniature version of the fairy princess. The thousands of tiny Sapphires went zipping off faster than Titania could chase them.
Every morning since that time, in the pale blue light of pre-dawn, thousands of Sapphires crisscross the fields and hillsides, where thousands of the flowers have sprung up, all out of that one patch where the farmer lay. And every morning each Sapphire weeps over one of the flowers, speckling it with shimmering tear-drops, which we now call dew. The flower, which for many years was called “Queen Titania’s Lace” has come to be called simply “Queen ‘Ann’s Lace,” and it is still the preferred wild-flower of young lovers, who can now give it freely, thanks to Sapphire, whose tears wash it free of Titania’s curse.

I am asking for criticism. I am posting these pieces for the next few weeks so I can make changes and edits that I think is in their best interest. They are all being complied in to a collection of mythology based in the state of Maine. So please post changes or questions of flaws you see in these pieces so I can send in the best art I can when I submit this to the Publisher in the next couple of weeks.

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