Mermaid Picture

She ­rises from the deep, her eyes full of mystery. Is it that a hint of cunning deception? Or a glimmer of passion? Mesmerized by her powerful gaze, you barely notice her frighteningly distorted image in the waters. Your surroundings become nonexistent, for all you see is her. Some who are able to take their eyes off her can perceive past the veil of illusion. Her reflection reveals her true nature; she is a demon in disguise. Mermaids have long been described as women with enchanting beauty, living in aquatic environments and luring men with their charm. In many cultures, these water-dwellers have malicious intent, creating storms that destroy entire fleets or pulling sailors in the ocean and drowning them. In Greek mythology, they were depicted as sirens, dangerous and beautiful creatures that lured sailors to their deaths.

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