La Pincoya Picture

~ The Pincoya is a Mythological creature from the southern Chilean sea... she is a kind of Mermaid (siren). Naked and pure, she personifies the fertility of marine species. When she carries out her delicate dance facing the sea, it means that in those beaches and ocean will be plentiful of fish and shellfish.
On the other hand, when some of the residents has made any lack against the sea or their inhabitants, she turns her face towards the earth, indicating the residents that there will be shortage, and that they will go in search of the food to beaches and more distant ocean ~

► I made this picture because I'm preparing lots of artworks for the next art exhibition in aBerdeen, SD. The problem is I desliked the material I found ... the paper is quite dark... and it has texture.. I don't like paper with texture... it doesn´t alow me to make fine details.... even the pencils were quite unpleasand... Anway... I will probably make it again...!
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