Marci Picture

A while back there was this link to a monster boy/girl generator, and I tried it out and got a trashy siren girl who wears a raincoat. I drew her once, and the design I came up with kinda stuck me. So I went and drew her again and came up with some backstory.

Her name is Marci. She’s a wild siren who can’t be tamed and don’t need no man. She makes her living as a drug dealer, selling lotus leaves. She smokes four packs a day and has ruined her singing voice, but she doesn’t care because she wasn’t ever really looking to drive men to their deaths anyways. Selling them addictive substances is much more profitable.

Fucked around with coloring techniques. I both did and didn't want to leave it as block colors and it wound up like this. I liked it, so I just went with it.
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