Feral Merhog .:Gift:. Picture

Here it is, Remix! Enjoy ^.^

After I drew the first merhog pic, it occured to me that Sonic the Merhog... is kinda defenseless. A quick swimmer for sure, but it is not in his nature to run away when he could take care of himself just fine as a normal hedgie.

So I decided to apply some ideas from ancient mythology- specifically, sirens and merfolk- that beauty could be concealing something far more... lethal.

And that's where this drawing comes from. This is what happens when you either get him really angry, or you draw blood from him (including a needle, so watch out!). He grows claws, his eyes turn black, and he will kill anything he can get his hands on. He's also capable of living outside water in this form, crawling around like an eel and balancing upright on his tail. And beware of his acid spit!

This merhog design (c) me

"Sapphire Immortality" (c)
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