Fifteen-Hundred Songs Picture

Author: Korudon Simpsteff
Cast: Siren duck sisters, the three princes
Plot: Three princes were travelling across the world to find wives to marry when they come across a very large land only inhabited by three siren duck sisters. The princes fear them as monsters and attempt to kill them, but wish to sing at least five songs from each one of the three (a total of fifteen). They accept, and decided to hear them. As soon as they finish fifteen songs, they begin (and only begin) fifteen new one, and the princes, eager to hear the conclusions of the songs, postpose their deaths, and the songs go on for at least a hundred days, making a total of fifteen hundred songs. After those long days, the princes fell in love with the siren ducks and see the true kindess beauty within them. Once they proposed to them, the sisters turn the princes into siren ducks and happily married. So then, they build their large land into a land of siren ducks and all sing happily forever after.
Popular Culture: Siren Ducks are from Greecko mythology, and are popular in the series, Sirenia Rock. Most of the songs sung in the tale are adapted to fairy tales.

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