Rights Fighters OC: Orabelle Picture

Orabelle is a sea-pony, she lives in the water with her beloved owner Heather/Mer-Mistress, she is loyal and dedicated to her owner and she doesn't like people trying to hurt her or any other creatures that reside in the ocean. She is gifted with amazing agility and a very beautiful siren-like voice.

But unlike sirens in classic Greek mythology which are known for luring their victims to their doom with their voices, the sea-ponies use their voices to make humans feel better and to soothe them if they are in a sour mood.

Mer-Mistress's special underwater area allows anyone who travels into it to breathe underwater, giving them special aquatic sea-creature forms in the process.

Sometimes if one dreams of being in water...then chances are they have been visited by a seapony or have seen one up-close.

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