+ N I O B E + Picture

...Who I for some strange reason, keep mixing up with Amphion in my head. >__>;; Then I'm like, "Dude...wait. Amphion is MY character, Niobe is NOT my character." And that helps me a lot. Funny, they don't resemble one another at all. o3o Except I have no Amphion pictures to put up so...yeah... you don't get to see him. But you get to see instead, ~ErosCroix's lovely siren, Niobe instead. xD And stfu about the 'Sirens are female and fish and blah blah blah!" because we all have our take on mythological creatures, and this just happened to be hers.
xD Yeah, but I've been on a major drawing spree when it comes to those two. It all happened when we started talking about them again. @[email protected] They were both made last year at some time, but were forgotten until just a few days ago. D: Poor boys. And they have their own story behind them too and weeeeeee. <33333

So here's arrogant, naive, and protective Niobe who has many more adjectives to describe him as. xD He's supposed to be a warrior. I didn't draw the bangles I wanted to, nor did I draw his spear but oh well. xD
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