Ascending With the Angels. Picture

Yeah probably a slightly more sugary themed fractal compared to my last one, but hey, I guess it all balances out. Not a great deal behind this one, it began as a promising little flame and I made a few changes with the transforms, mucked about with goodness knows how many gradients and settled on this one, my Siren gradient, which is in one of the gradient packs I have either on this gallery or in the Apophysis club resources index. Yeah, so something a little prettier and less fearsome I suppose than some fractalised black eagle!
*edit* Looking back on it later, I do wonder what made me call it this. I guess because it has white as the main colour which is now so very often associated with them, and being associated with purity, innocence and so on. But there are no obvious wings, feathers or human like shape. I guess some would argue that if you look at angelic figures in many mythologies and religions, there are many forms and the human angel, Christian form is just the more accepted one.
I guess my reason was that with the white, and light colours in it, the general shape and direction as well as the round "halo" at the top, it looked like a more abstract and ethereal angelic thing, leading the smaller pieces away.

A full view is recommended as should be with fractal art pieces.
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