Monster High OC: Nessarose Syrene Picture

TARTANS ARE HARD TO DRAW! (FYI, a tartan is the crisscross pattern of colors and lines, as typically found on I tried, key word TRIED, to draw here). Seriously people, I apparently lack the competence to comprehend the complexities of drawing what I originally thought was just horizontal and vertical lines on a base color!

*Cough* Now that I have that out of the way, let’s move on.

Yay I colored the sketch!
Introducing Nessarose Syrene
Age: 426 (roughly around 17 in human years)
Parentage: Well she’s the granddaughter of the Loch Ness Monster (on her father’s side) and her mother is a Siren from Greece (divorced)
Killer Style: She greatly enjoys combining her Scottish and Greek heritage in fashionably pseudo-traditional garb. (haven’t designed the lower half of her yet so more fashion details soon to come).
Freaky Flaw: Sort of a toss-up between her singing having the unfortunate “Alluring” influence over her listeners and her inability to see. That can really throw a wrench in the works at times. And…well people say she’s not all that “with it” sometimes…Plus, she sort of gets tired of people asking questions about her whole “feathers AND scales” thing.

I see Nessarose as being a distant cousin of Gillington “Gil” Webber from the series (Gill is the son of a “river monster” and there is speculation of what river being that is, one of the theories is the Scottish/Irish mermaid creature the Merrow). Her father is one of the numerous offspring of the Loch Ness monster, a freshwater creature (Loch Ness is a freshwater lake) and he married her mother, a Greek Siren and a saltwater creature. Her parents both sort of left the picture after they split up and she has been raised in Scotland by her aging paternal Grandmother Nessie until Gills parents offered to let her come live indefinitely with them while they give her “proper freshwater education”.
The name Nessarose is a combination of her mother’s name Phanessa (or Nessa) and her mother’s favorite flower, the rose. Her full last name is Syrene-Lochne (lock-neh) since her mother never took her father’s last name.
Nessarose was born blind and it was written off as a birth defect caused by mixing freshwater genes with saltwater genes (that probably isn’t the case). She, but years of living with this condition has allowed her to move pretty freely on her own without assistance if she becomes accustom to a place as she can hear and feel the vibration of obstacles.
As a siren, she can sing with some affect inflicted upon others by it. However she is only part siren so the influence of her singing isn’t that extremely potent, water dwelling creatures aren't affected.
If anyone is confused by her having feathers and scales, well according to many myths and interpretations of the Greek siren, they are portrayed more as bird-like creature of the sea than the mermaid version in Roman mythology.
As for her age, in my head, for every 25 years a siren lives, they physically age one human year. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’m going to work on drawing a full body shot of Nessarose and finishing the bio.

Nessarose © me

Monster High © Lisi Harrison & Mattel
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