Siren: Lillioan Picture

I got intrigued by these creatures known as "Sirens". They're quite awesome, and the mythology is very thorough. Most of all, they're fun to design!
This is one of my more docile, less colourful ones. I named him Lillioan.

Name: Lillion
Title: -
Nickname: Lilly
Age: 336
Height: 7"5
Weight: 124 lbs
Skull: Giant Anteater
Build: deteriorated
Orientation: submissive(too old to breed, though)
Mate: -
Partner(s): none
Offspring: none
Personality: Playful, Goofy, engaging
Offspring: none

I'm developing his story. Roughly, he fell in love with a young human girl who did not fear him. He lured her away initially to kill her, but found he could not. He would come to see her again and again to simply spend time with her. She would weave him flower necklaces and run through the forest with him, naive to the great threat he was to her.
I'm still working out what horrible tragedy may befall the girl. Maybe her father will find out, seek to destroy the threat to his daughter, and Lillioan will be forced to kill him. Maybe another Siren will lure the girl away and kill her, leaving Lillioan alone, withering flower wreath still adourning his neck.
I dunno, something devastating.

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