Sketch dump 50 Picture

I tried to make these fit without these huge spaces. I obviously failed. Gotta live with it. I’d say it’s a good sketch dump to celebrate #50, anyway. Lots of elves to satisfy my sick desire for pointy ears!

Alright, wall of text, go again! Kinda left-to-right and top-to-bottom, as usual.

-Puck from Gargoyles.

Silmarillion stuff:
-Cocky Celegorm. Yay I made an alliteration! Let’s pretend there was a wall for him to lean on.
-Fingon. Initially intended to be at the start of the Nirnaeth (which I still haven’t painted). But I was too lazy to do a background and colour it, so that’s all you get.
-Maedhros, same situation, other end of Beleriand. Duh.

-Skyward Sword Zelda and Link. Based on this famous painting of Guinevere and Lancelot: [link]
…Because I immediately thought of it when seeing that Link and Zelda reunion moment on screen. "So now Link’s gonna become a knight of the round table, is he? Is he?“ Would make a nice painting as well, if only I wasn’t too lazy to add the background and colour it.

-World of Warcraft characters, my mage Volurin and his wife respectively. Her player and me got them married the very evening before I stopped playing (yep, it was all arranged). This was pretty much what their conversation after the marriage was like. And yes they‘re both serious. You have no idea how romantic burning cities are to a couple of pyromaniacs!

-Fran and Balthier aka best part of Final Fantasy XII.

-Étaín and Midir, two characters from Irish mythology. The song by Leaves Eyes made me fall in love with the myth all over again. Here it is: [link]

-Free elf hugs.

-Zevran from Dragon Age. Which I have never played, only watched my sister playing. But I admit it looks fun. Apart from that, what’s not to love about an omnisexual, funny elf assassin who sounds like Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots? I have no idea what he’s about to stab, though.

-Random siren… thing.

-24 mini portraits of my characters. Actually sorted by their birthdates. And no, that’s by far no complete list. But 24 is a nice number. Anyway. Epic fail at attempting not to draw the same two faces (male and female) 24 times.
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