Dark Astartes Picture

I shouldn't have drawn this really...I have far too much else to do. But Astar, as ever, seems to call to me and this time his call is a siren song about blood and flowers...

Dark Astartes tends to surface when Astar loses himself to bloodlust. That grin is his pre-kill grin. Sometimes, he's not a nice boy at all. Here, he's half-way through changing into the lynx so he can use his claws to finish the sacrifice by taking out its heart.

The marks on his face are drawn in blood and pigment. In case you were wondering, the symbol on his forehead is Mayan: it's part of the pictogram for chikin or the direction, west. To the Aztecs, west was the direction favoured by the hummingbird: the hummingbird was another name for Huitzilopotchtli, Yaotl "The Enemy".

...pointless potted Mesoamerican mythology. There you go. Dark Astartes, in his worst killing moment.

Astartes "Midnight" is one of my characters.
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