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GOD I HATE CHANGING FILES INTO PNG THEY KILL THE COLORS. I am too lazy to go and try other kinds of files LOL can someone tell me which one preserves eye burn color the best?

SO YEAH Sneak peak at my newest character (and yeah, she's a creepy one LOL REMEMBER IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN, WHEN RAI DRAWS CREEPY SHIT) These are NOT her colors, I was just listening to ANY WHICH WAY by the Scissor Sisters (it's an awesome song, I thought the lyrics fit perfectly <3 and the colors were most likely influenced by their music video LOL)

Anyway, back to my new character. RINN is her name, and She's a Siren~ (I kinda tweaked a few things about TRADITIONAL sirens (the greek mythology ones) to fit this character though... she was supposed to be a mermaid but then I was like SHIT I GAVE HER LEGS >:C )

So anyway, the kind of Siren that Rinn is does the same old seducing/luring people into trouble, but she goes a step further and EATS THEM. She's comparable to a spider of sorts LOL that's kinda how she rolls... a very ATTRACTIVE AND EVIL MER-SPIDER LOL

But anyway, she doesn't ALWAYS stick to oceans (unlike the traditional ones, which there were only like, 4 or 3 of I think... and they stuck to one specific location) She is more likely to be found in the swampy/boggy/bayou-ey areas down south, pretty much any body of water she can get to from the ocean that's relatively warm.

I'll have more info when I finish my NEVER ENDING LADY LINEUP LOL

and LOL it almost makes me laugh how UNLIKE HER REAL COLORS THESE ARE.

ANYWAY, enjoy? Oh, and cookies if you read all that LOLOL

Rinn, and artwork © me

The title, which is from the lyrics of the song "Any Which Way" © Scissor Sisters
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