Cinnia Bernard Picture

Character Name: Cinnia Bernard
Character Species: Siren mermaid
Powers: Vocal enchantment, minor water control, and animal communication (primarily sea life)
Hails From: Amsterdam, Netherlands

She lives with a family of four, (Father, Mother, and little sister) on the coast of Europe. She lived a secluded life away from humans, because there was a rumor going around that if one eats a mermaid they would become immortal (which is true to their misfortune). They try their best not to blow their cover for they stay human unless splashed with water. She’s not talkative and tends to say only a few words when necessary. If she does say something to you, most likely it’s sarcasm or extreme honesty. Has an amazing singing voice that can enchant any man that hears her. Likes to read (has a pair of reading glasses), sing, and swim.

With her powers her voice can charm men and, if she tries hard enough, women. This will spellbind them and force them to do her bidding. She has control over water, though it isn’t much; uses this to create fog or mist to hide her presence. Sea-life communication off and on land is one of her personal favorite abilities. She can conjure up the mightiest whale or the most ferocious shark (granted if she’s near the sea). Of course she can turn into a mermaid, but only if splashed/submerged in water by skin contact; uncontrollable through fate. Turning back into human is possible once she is completely dry. Ironically if she avoids water or stays human for a long period of time, she’ll die so she bathes, swims, and drinks quiet frequently; you’ll rarely see her without a water bottle. It is unknown if it can happen the other way around. (It’s ok for her to drink water without transforming since it’s going inside her)

In late greek mythology, sirens resemble mermaids.

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