Dysnomia siren call Picture

Durring the first session the Dysnomia was one of the Condesce’s loyal followers, he did what ever he was asked, and tended to serenade the empress’s courts with his music. Upon hearing the sufferers dream of equality the Dysnomia began to drift from the iron grip of the Condesce and become more independent. To keep his powers in her clutches the empress used a device to alter him, he became a blood thirsty almost cynical version of himself luring others with his songs to their deaths; either to be drowned, ripped apart, or to become his next meal. In a long lasting effect this would cause him to have a split personality when he was set free of the device. It is unknown who freed him from the empress’s control, but once free The Dysnomia swore he would never again fallow any form of leader and exiled himself to a far end of the Aternian oceans. There he let freedom envelope him and he was able to voice his thoughts without judgment, though none where ever there to listen. During banishment he would sing his songs to no one, it would lure sailors and other ships, once done they would never be heard from again.

(note this is honestly a draft I plan to change things to it, but it was what my brain came up with thus far)

Character and story(C)Me
Trolls(C) Andrew Hussie
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