Quietus: Stygian Nymph Picture

"The deep-bosomed daughters of Oceanus... Plouto and charming Calypso, Styx too... and Urania and lovely Galaxaura."

— Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Another Quietus' inspired fanart, I really felt sorry for Karin at the last chapter. So I decided to make some fanart of her. I've always adored the work of Alphonse Mucha and this piece was slightly inspired by it. Also as soon as I find out what exactly the crest on Sasuke's ring is I gonna place it the glass circles of the arc.

It's all pretty obvious but I will explain some stuff which inspired me, to sound cool, mind you.

~ Karin's dress and under dress are based on Celtic and Gaelic fashions rather then those found in Ancient Greece, Egypt or Roman fashions. She wears a long cape with a hood over it. Whule the purple ropes show her loyalty to Sasuke whom she considers her survivor.

~ I wanted portray Karin, who is a nymph opposed to a goddess, differently so I didn't want to use to much gems and metal instead I decided to use lace to decorate her clothes. In fact the only things on her person which include metal and gems are her spear and golden circlet.

~ Like the The Sirens' Song I wanted the background being very dark and mysterious yet it has a certain kind beauty… hence the mist and the Mucha like arc

Art © mitsuki0tennyo
Pose © Sacred Saga
Quietus aka plot © AngeLhearteD
Naruto © by Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shōnen Jump, etc

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