Shimohana Picture

I made this character while I was heavily inspired by the Youkai a day site: I even bought the book, it's amazing.

I really wanted to make an anthro Bai-ze/ hakutabu character when I saw that they had multiple eyes XD She even has eyes on her back. I made one for an adopt a couple of years ago, and was dying to make on to keep :3

I guess sometimes she wears a kimono, but for these purposes, I really like the idea of her being super comfortable in frigid conditions like it ain't no thang.

(Upcoming long character stuff) This is one of my characters from DND :3 I am intermittently running a short 3.5 oriental adventures campaign. Her name is "frost" and "flower" that I shoved together. I think she could just go by "Shimo" if she wanted to. In my campaign, she's basically an exposition NPC. Because folklore is weird, she is the young daughter of a snow maiden, and a Hakutaku (Chinese name Bai-ze). Snow Maidens are siren-like ghostly spirits that either make people get lost or guide them out of mountains. They usually only appear in blizzards, and are also called yuki onna (btw, they have DND stats, and they're fun as hell to play XD) The hakutabu is an ox-like holy beast that's associated with healing. Her father has since been slain, so she live secluded in the mountains studying herbology and healing magic. Her mother's whereabouts are unknown. Though remote, she is not alone. Nadare, a tengu samurai who once served her father, and a foo dog named Mayu guard her vigilantly from the human world.
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