Onyx Enlil Picture

The bond between an Enlil and her Dragon is kept fresh and strong through the Enlil's singing. The sweeter the song, the stronger the bond. For no dragon can resist the siren song of an Enlil in good voice. In return her Dragon allows the Enlil to learn it's magic and ancient language as well as the known tongues of Middle Earth. If together with her Dragon, the enlil's 'Siren'-style effects, giving her the ability to affect the emotions of others, and to entrance an audience. This ability is enhanced by the presence of her Dragon. Orcs, Goblins and Trolls seem to be particularly susceptible to this power.

Through this, a bond forms between them that melds their minds on a deep level, binding them for life in the most enduring friendship that can possibly exist, and endowing the Elil with the abilities she will need to carry her through life and her destiny.
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