Pied Piper Picture

These are my few ideas on what I want the Pied Piper to look like in my duckling+rat story (still have yet to find anything resembling a title). I didn't want to do the traditional yellow and red, because he's a sinister character, and I wanted him to be somewhat supernatural himself. What do you think?

I came up with just one idea for what a title could be. Towards the start of the story, Myles the rat tells the story of the Sirens from Greek mythology. With the Sirens, there's this idea of being 'enchanted' by songs (like the rats of Hamelin), and there's also the half woman/half bird people who are meant to be beauitful but aren't (some parallels with the Ugly Duckling). If I can find a title using that somehow, then hopefully it should be good. Any ideas?
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