S.O.A. Collab Picture

Collab done with ~truecake who originally drew the picture, I only relined it and colored. TEAMWORK!

Anyway S.O.A. is a fictional military unit me and my friends created. In their fictional world of war and pollution, everyone is based off a specific race of a fictional creature/demon.. like Baphoments, Incubuses, etc, and males are the dominant gender.. they are more common in birth than females, so the females are kept in a safe facility.. pretty much used for makin' bbies for future soldiers. SIGH.
As for Unit A/S.O.A., it stands for Seeds of Archaelis... and their story is pretty weird. The yaoi fangirls would probably enjoy it. Men.. not so much.
Now for the characters, from left to right they are as followed:

Tarnished: copyright to =Aras-Vengeance
Tarn is based off of a gargoyle and is the angsty tough guy who wishes he could get a woman amongst this land of sausagefest.
He is the sniper of the unit~

Sarlic: copyright to ~SeveredSmile
Sarlic is the Incubus of the unit, and often the one picking fights with the other unit members/ mainly the leader.He so secretly likes getting verbally abused by leader.
He is the spy of the unit~

Frittz: copyright to ~Soraisabum
Frittz is based off the mythological creature Siren, and is an odd one out of the others. When born, apparently his mother kept him, and passed him by as a girl. Since mothers aren't allowed to keep their sons, this was the only way to keep her child. When he aged however, it was obvious he was male.. so now he's forced to join the unit.
He is the decoy of the unit~

Lindel: copyright to ~SpiltTea Moi~
Lindel is based off the baphomets. He had 5 other brothers, and out of them all, he's the pipsqueak with freckles, yet he's super tuff stuff. He was put into Unit A by his father for reasons Lin isn't quite sure about yet, but it all has a twist in the end. Lin is very kept to himself, somewhat expressionless, and down to the point.
He is the gunner of the unit~

Asch: copyright to ~truecake
Asch is based off the rarest demons in the Archaelis world. Devils. They aren't very common, and highly looked up to. He's a hot tempered firecracker that loves to verbally abuse his men of the unit, though can be a nice guy deep down. He had a close relationship with his father, but since gone missing, Asch became more of a .. hypersexual in order to fill that empty spot of affection. It's a big gay world of military men, bby.
He is the leader, and founder of Unit A.

Texture from *buzillo-stock
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