maleus THE TERROR concepts Picture

here are some concepts for a short story me and my buddy, kyle westbrook, and working on. the top right is the main character maleus, and the other 3 lovely half fish women are the mythological sirens who lured sailors with their love song. it's gonna be a quick 4 page story where the sirens are mercilessly slaughtered and their victims avenged. maleus carries a black heart with a blank expression - and his blood lust knows no morality nor mercy.

we've been writing (or more so, kyle) short stories about random people that don't neccesarily have a connection to each other, just sort of one time stories that are part of a larger greek universe. hope you dig - more greek mythology concepts to come in the future. hopefully i'll start banging these pages out in the upcoming weeks - battles on the horizon. no prisoners, and no mercy

characters copyright scott wygmans and kyle westbrook

(this image is a kinda' light - ill darken the file up and just re-submit later)
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