Himeropa Picture

I was debating whether or not to upload this... but I decided to see what the effect would be if I would. If people like this, I'll just leave it on here. I just did this because I wanted to try photomanipulatation again! I'm actually pretty satisfied with the result. It's pretty fun doing it, but I'm not sure if I should continue. Anyways, you can see, I had problems cutting the hair in the photo, but I cheated and blurred it so it wouldn't be as visible.

Originally, I wanted to make a picture of sort of like the home of sirens... but that would have been a bit difficult... so you just have this person... looking like a siren. I don't know who this person is actually. Is it Britney Spears or Celine Dion? Can ANYONE identify her? xD The original image didn't say anything.

Also, I'LL GIVE A LLAMA to the person who can figure out what the title means.
Hints: It's a name. It has to do with Greek Mythology.

All pictures were found on Google.

Give me a critique, maybe?
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