The Shadow You Became Picture

"When a melancholy slumber rumbles and the flame dies away.
I hold the queen!"

( Name ): Pan
---- ( Definition ) The god of woods, fields, and flocks, having a human torso and head with a goat's legs, horns, and ears.
---- ( Origin ): Greek mythology.
( Age ) 15
( Sexuality ) Uncertain.
( Build ) In his youth, Pan boasts an Olympian physique - for a Siren, anyway. There are few, if any, flaws in his form.
( Family )

Son of ArchAngel [link] out of Lust [link]

ArchAngel, son of Hell [link] and out of Heaven [link]
Lullaby, son of Gratch [link] and out of Lullaby [link]

( Mate ) N/A
( Personality ) Where once stood confidence now stands uncertainty. Where once was arrogance, there is only fear. Pan's personality had once been something of pride and bedroom eyes, yet since the accident*, he seems to have completely flipped it on it's head. He's become introverted and withdrawn, shying away from things that he doesn't know, or, doesn't remember. While there are few whom he recognizes through feeling alone, most others are completely forgotten, and no one is sure why. He's since strayed from his family group, gravitating further into his own world and searching, it seems. One can only assume he searches for his old life, or his memory. When in the presence of other Siren, he throws up a wall, becoming harsh and callous and snarling his way out of contradiction. When in the presence of children, especially human, he seems confused. And when alone, he often appears dejected and without purpose, wandering endlessly as he continues his search.

( History ) Pan was the first (and so far only) of Lust's children to have been born from Lust himself. Because of this, he had a very strong connection with his falsesire, and the largest 'lust' mark of all his siblings. After having gone missing for a few years, Nevaeh found him and offered him Pan pipes as a token of friendship. He bonded strongly with her, as well, and stayed closest to her while still living with the family group. His father, ArchAngel, was less a father figure and more a rival, though one regarded with amusement more so than any true negative emotion. Strangely enough, he found his attachment to children in the form of siblings, rather than food. His cogs in his head seem to turn counterclockwise, some might say, and his logic is twisted, at best. Ever since the accident*, however, Pan seems to have lost a majority of his memory. His mind has become childlike and fearful, as though he expects something horrible to happen at any moment in the form of some crazed, bizarre monster, and he seems to have completely reverted on his old personality. No one seems to know what, exactly, happened, and he's less apt to involve himself with others that someone might probe his mind to find out.

Uploading this into my gallery until I get the chance to draw him, though why I'd ever want to replace this fucking masterpiece is beyond me.

Bought from *Lil-Byrd, as she was selling him and he's too fucking pretty to not have omg. That ass marking, seriously.

On a more serious note, while everything Byrd had written for him still exists, it will exist as sort of a 'past self' from here on out. My reasoning for this is that, while he will still remain relatively the same, I cannot play someone else's character. My solution? Pan has amnesia. The reason for that is still uncertain - either he simply got hit on the head hard enough that his long term memory was shot, or he experienced some traumatic event that he's subconsciously hidden away in an attempt to deal with it. I've written a pseudo personality and history until I can get Byrd's take on it.

For now, consider him very confused. Uncertain of where he belongs, where his life lies, and who he should trust. Close friends and relatives would be strangers to him, though he may be able to find certain links of kinship based on deeply rooted emotions or similarity in looks. I'm sure that, if Lust ever found out, he wouldn't let the poor boy think of him as anything BUT momma.

[Let me know if any of this doesn't fly, Byrd.]

Art © *Lil-Byrd
Species © ~Schadenfruede, kept by *Lil-Byrd
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