Asmodeus Picture

I had an urge to draw some of the Deadly Sins from my GB concept (which I still need to explain at length).
I feel I can draw them much more accurately and such now, especially Asmodeus.
Now she actually looks like a grown woman instead of a teenager with a huge chest.

BTW, I have something I want to mention again.
In my little "Buddahverse" (as I call it) Goldenblood, Sin Eater, and BlueJay are all connected in discreet almost invisible ways.
The use of the term "crux" in all 3 stories in one of them.
Marion Wells from BJ was its initial creator (meaning BJ's story happened first), and after a reeeeeeaaaalllllyyyy long period of time the designs were found by the priests who turned Chrome in a Sin Eater in SE, who modified it to be a Sin Eater.
Then, like a two thousand years later or something (Goldenblood happens in the year 3010), the designs are found by Manitoh's people, who perfect the designs and create the 7 Deadly Sins we all know and love (or at least I love them).
Anyway, all this means is that the Sins bodies are made from the materials as R.J.'s were (for those of you who asked what the Sins were made of). Their Sin aspect comes from their souls, which are worn and broken down human souls that primarily are only able to function a specific Sin. Later a long in the storyline all the Sins regain some of their humanity back slowly after they leave their mother to join Damia (Amon).

I'm sorry, I know it's confusing, but I will try to explain it soon.

Asmodeus (Spirit of Lust)

Age: 110 (she is the youngest of the Sins, but appears as a 23-year old woman)

Biological Makeup: Artificial Spirit of Lust

Gender: Female

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hates: insults, rough surfaces, strenuous work, ugly things

Likes: soft or smooth surfaces (mirrors and pillows are some of her favorites), compliments, her siblings, pretty or delicate things (like flowers), chocolate, sex (obviously)

Abilities: Like a Siren from Greek mythology, Asmodeus sings a song of destruction that when heard torments the mind and prevents clear thought and judgement. Victims (who are more likely to be men than women) can become addicted to the song and try to find it's source, only to meet their untimely end.
Aside from this, Asmodeus can also fight hand-to-hand, but prefers not to, as she is quite lazy and vain and likes to keep her opponents at a distance, so as not to ruin her appearance with sweat and such. Usually she is used as more of an inside job person to destroy the target from within, and she accomplishes this by doing what she does best; enticing men.

Personality: Asmodeus is shallow, mean-spirited, and aside from her siblings and an occassional man, doesn't really care about anyone else but herself. She prefers to spend her time preening her appearance and seducing attractive men, but has a habit of getting bored easily. Though she enjoys physical love (as she was meant to), as she gets older and more experienced she secretly wishes that she can eventually find a man that will love her for her and not just her body.

Asmodeus (c) me
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