WSW- Meyermaids Picture

Word on the grapevine that Stephenie Meyer plans on writing a novel that stupids up the traditional mermaid. These "Meyermaids", as I like to call them.

For starters, mermaids do not glow in the dark. I study mythical creatures; not once do my sources say anything about mermaids glowing in the dark. And time traveling? What are you, Homura?! Mermaids don't time travel!

Cannibalism and mermaids are kind of a touchy subject. Though if you want to get technical, those aren't cannibalistic mermaids; those are sirens. Sirens (in Greek mythology) are ugly bird-like women with lovely pipes; mermaids are the beautiful half girl/half fish creatures. Sirens lead sailors to their doom while mermaids save them.

I based Noriko on the Japanese mermaid: the ningyo. They're almost similar to the Eastern mermaids, save a few differences. Eating a flesh of a ningyo will grant you nigh-immortality, but will leave you cursed for eternity. A ningyo is also said to become human should they ever shed tears.

Seriously, Meyer. Do your damn research before you drown a mythical creature in glitter. In fact, scratch the glitter. It's for preschoolers, anyway.

The blonde girl (me) and Noriko are mine
Oktavia von Seckendorff belongs to SHAFT

BTW, niku is Japanese for "meat".
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