Paint Pot Dwarves Page Picture

Paint Pot Dwarf/b>
Page Spread from my upcoming book THE SECRET MAGICS OF MAINE

The top photo is new

I am asking for criticism. I am posting these pieces for the next few weeks so I can make changes and edits that I think is in their best interest. They are all being complied in to a collection of mythology based in the state of Maine. So please post changes or questions of flaws you see in these pieces so I can send in the best art I can when I submit this to the Publisher in the next couple of weeks.

Other pieces in the collection are:
Title Page
SPRING: Mud Gremlins
SUMMER: Knitters
SUMMER: Sapphire
SUMMER: Lake Sirens
SUMMER: Keepers of the Blue
Fall: The Four Winds
Fall: The Milky Way
<a href=[link]"> WINTER: Ice Troll - a.k.a. Jack Frost</a>
WINTER: Snow Cow
WINTER: Lake Kracken
OCEAN: Perry Winkles
OCEAN: Queen Victoria

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