Guardians of the Greek Forest Picture

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Now that Tropius has a pre-evo, I figured that CIZARPY, the replacement that ~darksilvania made for her, deserved an evolutionary family as well. I *was* going to use a simple jungle bird as the basis at first, but then again I couldn't find any real-world bird that was deemed suitable. So I took a thread from SYRENNEY's pre and went with those Nymphs instead - this time the Dryads, forest spirits of Greek mythology (Celebi, eat your heart out! XP).

114 - Cizyad (Cizaña{Darnel/cockle in Spanish}+Dryad)
-Leaf Nymph Pokémon
"CIZYAD are viewed by many as sentinels of the woods. The long vines on this Pokemon's tail can not only be used as weapons, but can also double as counterbalances in flight, making it very quick and agile when flying through its forest home. It is usually a kind and friendly creature, but if its home is damaged in any way, it will retaliate viciously with its spiky tail."

465 - Cizarpy (Cizaña{See above}+Harpy)
-Leaf Harpy Pokémon
-Evolves from CIZYAD while holding a Sharp Claw starting at Lvl. 30
"CIZARPY are very dangerous predators that guard and patrol the jungles of West Equatorial Kroel. Though not particularly strong, they do hunt in packs of dozens or more, and each is extremely fast and agile, capable of diving through the trees at Mach 3 in search of prey. Armed with razor-sharp claws, they can and will snatch anything edible; they are especially fond of TROPIUS fruit. They are the arch-enemies of SYRENNIES."

Signature Move - RAZOR VINE (Grass, Physical): Variation on Vine Whip, but this time the vines have thorns that can cause devestating injuries. Lowers all of the opponent's stats, destroys any items the opponent is holding, and may cause flinching.
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