New oc Siren Song Picture

Name: Siren Song
Type: Pegasus
Relationship status: Single*
Cutie mark: A danger sign with a music note on it.
Friends: No one, she is a loner*
Special Ability:Has a beautiful singing voice but whoever hears it is cursed with bad luck.

As a filly Siren loved to sing, at that time the listeners of her song only had minor bad luck. As she grew she got more talented and the luck of who ever listened to her got worse. One day she sang to her parents right before they left on a trip and they never came back. After learning about the curse on her singing voice she ceased singing to others even though it was the one thing that made her happy. She is now some what of a loner and is awkward talking to others. Her favorite thing to do is to go somewhere she can be alone and sing at the top of her lungs.

Design notes: Siren is intended to have bird like features as the sirens of greek mythology were part bird (not mermaids as is the more modern folklore of sirens) she has feathers in her hair, havent decided if natural or just weaved in. Her feet will be scale like (but differently then Seafoams) just like the feet of birds. Color sceme tba.

*this information is prior to any rp with her and my change ~
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