Poseidon Squad Picture

Woo! The sixth chapter of Tyrantis's Saga is coming soon, so here's one of many pieces of concept art for it!

All of the monsters here (minus Tyrantis, the green t.rex) were genetically engineered by an organization named Pantheon in hopes of conquering the world with giant monsters. The same virus that gave Tyrantis his powers was modified to make these beasts.

From left to right:
Siren- Part bird, part human (female), part shark (very small part: teeth, basically), the sirens were designed and named after their coutnerparts in greek mythology, who were also carnivorous bird women. They are one of the more tragic creations of Pantheon, as their human DNA gives them incredibly intelligence, but the shark instincts built into their brain make them ravenous. There are hundreds of Sirens living in one of the many chambers of Pantheon's underground lab.

Poseidon- named after the Greek God of the sea (who's actual animal counterpart was a horse. No, seriously, a freaking horse was the avatar of the sea god), Poseidon is much more than a gargantuan shark with instant healing powers. He's a giant shark with instant healing powers, lungs, and the ability to fly (well, glide actually). That's right, I made a giant flying shark monster. Bow to my greatness.

Cancer- named after the crab that helped the hydra fight Hercules in Greek mythology, Cancer is a giant crab that is suitably teamed up with a red version of Hydra (not shown: for a vague idea of what Red Hydra looks like, see my previous concept art of normal Hydra). He's just a big crab, nothing more.

Now, Tyrantis is about Showa Godzilla's size, so you can get a sense of scale from this drawing.
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