New Project: Mc'Badbads 1-6 Picture

Here's a little preview to a new project of mine. It's been quiet on DA for me because I haven't had internet for a few weeks. So since I couldn't access the web, I've been doodling monster designs for a comic that I'm trying to make. These are a few of the concept arts I did for some of the monsters. I don't know if they'll all make appearances in the comic, but it's nice to populate the world just in case. Who is the hero that will be fighting these monsters? If you talk to me on AIM or MSN you already know, for the rest of you theres a hint in the name "Mc'Badbads!" I might change that name... but for now I think Mc'Badbads sounds as childish as I was wanting it to be XD

These, along with my other designs, were lots of fun to make so I hope to make a few more of these in the least! I'll also be taking requests of sorts as kinds of concepts to design. We'll see how that goes.
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Sonar 4th Class Monster
Sonars are a species of bat fused with stereo speakers in its ears and has an electrical cord for a tail. Blind as its predecessors, it wears a blindfold so that it can rely purely on its hearing abilities without distraction.

Most of the time, Sonars travel in groups of five or more. If threatened they'll use their speakers to deafen the enemies and/or electrocute with their tails.

Sonars are sometimes raised as pets, loyal to owners who provide plenty of succulent fruits. Strawberries are a personal favorite though pears, cantaloupe, and other fruit are acceptable alternatives.

Sonars are found in several parts of the world, although most reside in forests or caves.
_ _ _

Pyrofly 4th Class Monster
The mutated love child of the Firefly, the Ladybug, and a candle. The Pyroflies are nocturnal insects that are often mistaken as wandering spirits in the distance. Some folk have come to believe that Pyroflies are messengers from the afterlife that travel to heaven and hell during the day and return to the earth at night.

Pyroflies are rare to cause trouble, but there are occasions that the Pyrofly will blow flame towards its predators as a safety precaution.

Fun Fact: The candle flame is only lit when the creature is awake.
_ _ _

Skull Kid 2nd Class Monster (Name-in-pending)
Skull Kids are minor monsters that are noted as animate skulls that walk on shoe-like-objects. While it is unclear where these creatures come from, They are usually active around dark magic.

Skids are as harmless as they appear themselves, but the sight of one or more are bad omens. If Skids are gathering around a particular location its best to exorcise the area and leave as soon as possible.
_ _ _

Dryad 1th Class Monster
Dryads are tree nymphs that feed on the natural energies around them. They live in enchanted forests and provide an important aspect to the forest itself, keeping it strong and healthy. Human settlers should avoid building near Dryad forests.

Generally Dryads are shy creatures, but others can be quite open about interacting with other species, especially when its to protect those living in the forests. Like a siren, some can be quite manipulative and devious like the one depicted.
_ _ _

Ick Tik 3rd Class Monster
Ick Tiks are possessed bombs that wear masks and wield clockwork legs. Like all bombs, their purpose is to explode. Since it does have legs and a mind, they're far more dangerous than normal bombs. Who they choose to bomb is completely at random. Some explode when threatened, others will attack on sight.

Ick Tiks are ill advised for use of inventory or as pets.
_ _ _

Slime 3th Class Monster
Slimes are common, minor monsters that live on all parts of the globe. Most are very weak and sickly looking possibly because their bodies are unstable. Pest Control can usually handle Slime infestations.

Use caution, some Slimes are acidic and/or toxic. Do not ingest.
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I hope you enjoy!
Monster designs copyright to ~Deathinator

PS: I'm working on the commissions still. I haven't forgotten!
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