New Character Cinnamon Picture

This is one of my younger Sonic Characters and heres her info XD

Name: Cinnamon

Age: 7

Sex: Female

Species: Ocean Siren

Skin Color: Light Blue with a light yellow mouth piece and arms

Eye Color: Pure Purple

Info: She is a Ocean Siren (A Siren is a Mythical Creature in Greek Mythology and when they Sign they bring Sailors to their Death but with my type of Sirens they sign in order to bring Peace) and the Jewels in their ears are used for two things. 1). They are used to see in the Dark. 2). They can communicate under water by sending a series of High pitches of Screeches, whines and Rhythms. Cinnamon is Arrow's Younger Cousin and she is realted to Arrow because
Cinnamon's Dad is married to Arrow's Aunt. She loves water and and has a huge crush on Charmy Bee ( Yes that's right the little buzzy boy and hyperactive Bee from Team Chaotix XD) She doesn't usually complain but she when she's Angry or Sad she can scream sooo loud that it reaches 300 Decibels O_O talks about loud but I hope you like her and you can draw in my contest if you like ^^

Pose = SEGA

Art, and Cinnamon =
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