Nymfoam scrapped Picture

NYMFOAM (nim-fohm)
The Sea Sprite Pokemon
Pokedex: Although it appears to be sleeping, Nymfoam actually spends much of its time sunbathing deep in thought. It dislikes being disturbed and will slip into the sea.
Ability: Torrent (Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.)

Nymfoam turned out to be the most difficult of the three starters to design, as I felt that I never really got the style of a naga-like water creature down well enough without making it look like a Digimon. I knew I wanted to toy with both the ideas of a snake and the mythological siren/nymph and actually developed one of Nymfoam's evolutions before designing the starter itself.

Again, another case of "been there, done that" with a Water-Psychic (Staryu, Psyduck, Slowpoke), but taking it in a direction specific to the type of creature I had designed it around. I wanted Nymfoam to seem weak at first, similar in appearance to Abra, but really stand out by learning trapping moves like Sing + Perish Song and a custom Water attack that traps like Whirlpool. The name comes from the words NYMPH + FOAM; "nymph" as one half of the mythological basis for the monster, the spritely sea nymph and "foam" to embody the Water-type.
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