Sirin Picture

Sirin.... well they come from Russian Mythology and are based off of Greek Sirens. Unfortunately to me Sirens are more aquatic and don't have anything bird related to them at least to my mind. If I had to give them a more known counterpart that would be the Harpy. The difference? I see Harpy's as more agressive and their bird parts are based off eagles and hawks. Sirin(s) on the other hand have owl parts.

I actually went searching for owl pics on the webs to get a better understanding of coloring how I was translating that from just a bird to human figure. I originally chose a snow owl but found one with brown and white coloring and this is how it came. I didn't want the white to be the main color so its mostly browns in her hair with a few patches of white and one section of white while her wing(s) are mostly white with brown patches.

I tries a didn't method of coloring. I did a sketch first like I usually do then did a light trace on tracing paper. then with black construction paper underneath I started coloring with colored pencils. the black construction paper is still under the tracing paper. it helps to make the colors pop out better.

I plan to make more of these mythology bust. I have precisely done one of Medusa.
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