Anatomy concept of a Siren Picture

Guess what peeps? I FINALY KNOW WHAT KOJA IS!!!


He's a siren!

Koja: Whoo! Wait what?

A siren.

Koja: made me a freaken MERMAID?!?!

Not exactly.....I'm making a Scifi-ish story. It will include a modern take on mythical creatures. And the traditional "Siren" was accualy a type of BIRD being.

But in this story, I will invent my own take on the sirens. Being a combo of fish and bird-like structure. What you see here is a (WIP) idea of what Koja would look like WITHOUT the genetic engeneering that made his arms into 5ft long blades, and cost him his eyes. I am in the middle of making up an entire anatomy of sirens, and even the functions and perpouses of their clothes. (As the shoe is seen above. I actualy drew that to explain how those shoes would come in handy for a creature with no toes that had to live on land.) More to come!
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